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Product Details

* All new Trash Wheels Unblock The Croc playset
* Get trapped in the gator and mess up your car.
* Unblock the sewer and then wash your car clean with real water!
* This set comes with two exclusive colour change Wheelies.
* Playsets can be connected to build your own Trash Town.
* The Trash Pack are a surprise you will love to find in any garbage bin! Collectable Trashies are the grossest monsters in town with over 170 to collect you will have hours of fun with this gross gang and all your friends! 
* Your Trashies are split into 6 uber cool gross gangs The Grubz, Hard Rubbish, Bin-Sect, Bin-Critters, Bin Monsters and Bin Fections plus loads of cool top secret limited editions! 
* Every Trashie has a different rarity - common, rare, ultra rare and limited edition the rarest of the rare even glow in the dark! 
* Cotents: Sewer Croc Escape playset, 2 exclusive cars.


Code :3301227

Price :8.950 KWD